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Statement concerning our quality policy

All activities by all staff members of Ökohof Gemüsehandel GmbH are geared towards ensuring high quality for all supplies and services. Advising the farms concerning the controlled organic contract farming and trading in fresh and processed vegetable products coming from controlled organic farming for the dietary food industry requires a special sense of responsibility.

Growing and distributing organic products must strictly comply with the EC Council Regulation No. 834/2007 . Ökohof Gemüsehandel GmbH is controlled by the district government Lüneburg and a neutral institution via an EC control number.

Since the quality of all services rendered by Ökohof Gemüsehandel GmbH depends to a great extent on the quality supplied by the sub suppliers, Ökohof Gemüsehandel GmbH cooperates only with those suppliers that are willing to support the quality objectives of Ökohof Gemüsehandel GmbH on a joint basis and without reservation.

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The quality of the services

rendered by Ökohof Gemüsehandel GmbH is defined by the requests of their customers from the foodstuff industry, the defined intended purpose, the statutory provisions as well as regulations and guiding principles. The customers are guaranteed not only reliability in deliveries by the due date and performance of the contract but also a high degree of flexibility, though there are high requirements regarding arrangements and contract settlement.

It is the declared aim of Ökohof Gemüsehandel GmbH to achieve quality in all services

  • with protecting the environment and saving resources
  • with applying careful production processes
  • complying with laws relating to food production and distribution
  • with high and consistent quality standard
  • with profit-minded calculation
  • by intensive, trusting cooperation with their customers and suppliers
  • with strictly observing the EC Council Regulation No. 834/2007.